Who am I ?

As my father took me backpack through multiple walks and hikes from my youngest age, summer as winter and from forests to mountains, I always had an attraction for large green spaces and the nature in its broadest term.

Everything in there is fascinating, from the smallest element to the infinitely big.


Yet, taken by the clock of our lives, many of us have forgotten this treasure which was our favorite playground, where the feet in the fleet, we made sail small rafts with the liking of the wind and the currents of our childhood.


I began to have an interest in photography with the primary goal of immortalizing the landscapes I met during the few years I walked from East to West and North to South.

Then, when I returned home, I took a nature guide training at the C.N.B.

If my first goal was to record my observations, it quickly became apparent that birds and their songs were able to divert my attention from any other distraction.

This is how my attraction for ornithology was born.


If the photo allows to freeze some wild moments, the video has the faculty to plunge us into this special atmosphere. For frozen moments only represent few things without the sound and movements that accompany it. And that's all my goal: I hope one day to put a movie out of my backpack that would bring along with me, just the time of a breakaway.


These few pages have no particular vocation. They are the result of many hours of intentional loneliness, away from the cement, men and a world that has become too real.


This little tour in the wild encourages to enjoy, simply. Enjoy quietly.

A little like when we let our eyes surrender in the flames of a good fire.

I hope you will enjoy these few moments of our enchanting nature.